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We are a voice for battered women in prison who deserve clemency

A 2017 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than half of female homicide victims are killed in connection to intimate partner violence. About half the time, killers are current or former intimate partners. More than 98 percent of homicidal partners are men.

Despite the facts, many women who have tried to protect their lives against intimate abusers have ended up in prison. Many are serving life sentences for killing their partners in self-defense.

We are advocating to the Michigan Parole Board and Governor Rick Snyder on behalf of these women. Our videotaped interviews give the women a voice beyond the prison walls.

Training in domestic violence is urgently needed for judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials. Many admit they are not familiar with the term Battered Women's Syndrome and have little to no understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence.

Some courts admit domestic violence cases are among the most complex they handle. As a result, experts are necessary to testify and to educate jurors on behalf of abused women.

You can help these women by supporting our effort to fund and produce additional domestic violence training videos for judges, attorneys, and law enforcement officials. Justice Thru Storytelling (JTS) relies on the support of people like you to help us change archaic Michigan laws that allow experts to testify to jurors only in general terms about domestic violence and not to the individual woman's specific case (People vs Christel).

JTS works with battered women both while they are incarcerated and once they are released and return to society.

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